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Here are a range of marketing services available for completing campaign design, execution and management.  If it all just sounds like marketing jargon then get in touch to discuss your requirements!


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Website Design - Your website is the online equivalent of your shop window - visitors will need to quickly understand who you are, what you are offering and why they should take that 'step through your doorway'.  There are options available for every budget.  


Web Copywriting - Website copy has a number of different boxes to tick.  Not only does it need to engage your target market and clearly convey to your customers what it is that you do, it also needs to contain all the right elements to improve your rankings in the search engines.  To find out more contact me now.


Sales Literature - As much as we all turn to the Internet to search for a service we need - there is often no substitute for adding credibility to your brand or product than a piece of sales literature.  Whether it's a printed or PDF document I will work with you to ensure your name will be at the forefront of your customers mind.


Direct Mail - Often called 'snail mail' - there is still a good argument for using direct mail as part of your marketing plan.  A well written and targeted piece of mail can often get through to the intended contact and provoke a reaction quicker than some other media.  See what customers using this service say in Case Studies.


Sales Lead Follow-up & Appointment - Setting All too often marketing professionals create marketing campaigns for companies with no consideration to the follow-up and setting of appointments.  A successful campaign is one that addresses every element of the cycle.  If you don't have the sales resource, then contact Evolve Marketing Services to help you out.


Email Marketing - A quick and effective way of communicating with people at just a couple of pence per email - a fraction of the cost of direct mail - email marketing has enabled companies of any size to carry out targeted and mass mailings to customers and prospects.  To start your first campaign, get in contact now.


Blog Copywriting - Blogs are just one of the new forms of communication that companies are using to keep customers up-to-date and drive more traffic to their websites.  However once you start a blog it's important to maintain the quality of the writing and the consistency of the posts to encourage visitors to return.


Telemarketing - When you think of telemarketing you might think of call centres and scripts, however often what's really needed is someone that knows enough about your offering and the customers wants to make a match during a conversation.  Click here to see what a client has to say on this service.


Data Sourcing & Management - All of your marketing efforts could be wasted if you are talking to the wrong audience.  Data can be sourced for most audiences, although the quality can vary considerably - it's important to make every effort to obtain the best value data possible.  Once you have the data it's important every effort is made to keep it up-to-date and replenished.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - Many attempts are made to mystify Search Engine Optimisation however there are a number of simple practices and guidelines that can be followed to help small and medium sized companies without engaging the services of an expensive agency.


Advertising - Advertising can take many different forms but almost always it is one of the most expensive media types used in a marketing campaign.  The chosen publication, copy and creative all work together to improve the success rates.  If you need help in putting these elements together contact me now to see how I can help.  


Public Relations - Most companies have a story to tell at least once a month - the challenge is to write it in a way that makes it newsworthy.  Researching a selection of target press and distributing select press releases can be a valuable addition to any marketing plan.


Event Management - If you are thinking of running an event whether a briefing session or a seminar there are many components involved in making it a success.  From pre-marketing and location selection to event follow-up I am happy to work with you on any aspect of making your event a success.

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If there's something that isn't listed here that you are interested in, please get in contact as I would be happy to discuss any options with you.

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